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Trinity is set in the centre of Porthcawl, a seaside town with a  population of approx. 17,000. It is within 3 miles from the M4 corridor, junction 37, and from here, Cardiff  and Swansea are a half an hour’s drive.  Therefore there are many commuters living in Porthcawl. A high percentage of the population are retired, and there are many Residential Homes in the area. The location of the Church is excellent,  on the corner of the two main streets, and within  walking distance of the sea front and the many fine beaches in the area.

The Building

The modern Sanctuary can seat up to 300 people.  The building has been altered and extended extensively to accommodate the very active social outreach work of the Church

There are 9 rooms/halls, most of which are in continual use day and evening, by Church groups and outside organisations. Please contact the office re: enquiries about rooms to hire.

There is a Minister’s study and a Church office, which deals with the day to day administration. 
There is modern computer/ media and printing equipment to cater for all forms of service.
Excellent kitchen and toilet/shower facilities are available for all the groups. 
On average 2,000 people use the building weekly. 

The Life of the Church

Trinity is a vibrant Church, both spiritually and socially.  It is a people’s Church, meaning that the people are involved at all levels and with all aspects of  Church  and community life.

Theologically, Trinity is of the liberal tradition, neither charismatic nor conservative evangelical.
There is an ‘open door’  nonjudgmental policy with regard to Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.
Many would look upon Trinity as the community Church.

There are 11 am and 6 pm Services every week, average numbers 80 in the morning, plus 10-30 children, and 30 adults in the evening. Communion is the first Sunday of the month at 11 a.m. and the second Sunday at 6 p.m. There is also a monthly 8 a.m. Communion Service,  There are also very active Support Groups within the Church for Action for Children (formerly National Childrens Home), carers and young people with learning difficulties (Trinitycare & Support) and Traidcraft. Trinity is now a Fairtrade Church where all church groups attempt to use fairly traded produce, tea, coffee, sugar etc. in all events.

The Church organisations are led by Teams, all of whom have a representative on the Church Council/Elders Meeting which is chaired by the Minister. 

They are the Managing Trustees of the Church. 


Trinity was formed in 1984 when the local Methodist (Wesley) and United Reformed Church (Highfield) joined.
The basic responsibilities of the Minister are:-

Pastoral care of Trinity/Gilfach Goch- membership 158/10 

It is  part of an ecumenical Circuit/Area with other churches.
are two other full time ministers, 9 supernumeraries, and 12 lay/local preachers.

The four largest Churches are joint ecumenical Methodist/United
Reformed Church ventures, one of which is also Baptist.


Trinity, Methodist & United Reformed Church, John Street, Porthcawl, Bridgend
Information provided on this site is to give an overall insight into the work of Trinity Church. Any times or activities indicated are provided in good faith. But the author takes no responsibility for any errors in times or failure of an organisation to provide the indicated service. Please contact the Organisation direct for up to the minute information as demand dictates the viability of many of the services.