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Dear Lord' you who created all things, you whose hands built us from the dust of the earth and gave us life. Thank you for the love that surrounds us every day even though at times we do not see or feel it because our lives are closed to you for one reason or another. Lord we know of your love glory and power yet too often we hide from you thinking you will not find us and we can live without you. Yes lord we can exist without you but we cannot live without you.

Forgive us lord for those moments when we leave you out of our lives and lose ourselves in our desires and wants. Please send us your holy spirit that we may know your forgiveness and be empowered to tell other people about the kingdom of God. The same kingdom shown to us through Jesus your son who lives with you now in heaven.

The same Jesus who walked this world and bore its trials and tribulations, knew human love and heartache, who destroyed the power of death by his resurrection. Help us father to recognise your power in our lives that we too can offer a glimpse of your kingdom to those around us.

Help us Lord to keep you close to us do not allow us to push you to the corners of our lives, but enable us to make you the centre of our lives. Thank you father for the power the Holy Spirit in our lives that enables us to see and feel your love every moment of each day. Amen

Laurence Pearce


Trinity, Methodist & United Reformed Church, John Street, Porthcawl, Bridgend
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